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Is BGC Overrated? Separating Hype from Reality

Bonifacio Global City (BGC), located in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines, has emerged as a premier destination, touted for its modern skyline, upscale establishments, and vibrant atmosphere. However, as the hype around BGC continues to grow, the question lingers: Is Bonifacio Global City overrated? In this exploration, we’ll delve into what BGC has to offer, examining its features, activities, and attractions, and weighing the pros and cons to provide a comprehensive perspective on whether the buzz surrounding this urban enclave is justified.

BGC Features and Infrastructure

BGC is renowned for its meticulously planned infrastructure, featuring wide, tree-lined avenues, contemporary architecture, and state-of-the-art facilities. The city is home to some of the country’s tallest buildings, housing multinational corporations, luxury residences, and upscale commercial establishments. One of the notable features is the Bonifacio High Street, a pedestrian-friendly strip with a plethora of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, contributing to BGC’s reputation as a lifestyle hub.

Bonifacio Global City - BGC
BGC – image credit Levin Torres

The city’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its well-maintained parks and green spaces, such as Terra 28th and Track 30th. The thoughtful integration of greenery into the urban landscape provides residents and visitors with a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle.

Activities and Entertainment

BGC offers a diverse range of activities catering to different interests. The arts and culture scene is thriving with venues like the BGC Arts Center, hosting various events from art exhibits to theatrical performances. Food enthusiasts can explore a multitude of dining options, from upscale international cuisine to local street food.

For those seeking an active lifestyle, BGC provides ample opportunities. The city boasts numerous fitness centers, jogging paths, and outdoor spaces for recreational activities. Additionally, the annual BGC Cycle Asia Philippines event attracts cycling enthusiasts from across the region, showcasing the city’s commitment to promoting a healthy and active community.

What to See

BGC is not just a concrete jungle; it’s a canvas of modern art and architecture. The Mind Museum, a world-class science museum, is a standout attraction, offering interactive exhibits and a unique learning experience for all ages. The towering skyscrapers themselves contribute to the visual spectacle, especially during the evening when the city lights up, creating a captivating skyline.

Art installations and murals are scattered throughout the city, adding a touch of creativity to the urban landscape. The vibrant street art scene reflects BGC’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and culturally rich environment.

What to Do

The options for things to do in BGC are seemingly endless. Shopping enthusiasts can indulge in retail therapy at Bonifacio High Street or visit the upscale stores at Bonifacio High Street Central. Foodies can embark on a culinary adventure, exploring the diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and food markets.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, BGC offers various spas, wellness centers, and rooftop bars where one can unwind while enjoying panoramic views of the city. The Mind Museum provides an educational and entertaining escape for families, making BGC a versatile destination for people of all ages.

Pros of BGC

  1. Modern Infrastructure: BGC’s meticulously planned urban landscape and modern infrastructure contribute to a comfortable and visually appealing environment.
  2. Diverse Dining Options: The city is a gastronomic paradise, offering a wide range of culinary delights from different parts of the world.
  3. Cultural and Recreational Spaces: BGC’s commitment to the arts, culture, and recreation is evident in the presence of museums, art centers, and green spaces.
  4. Active Lifestyle Opportunities: Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the numerous gyms, jogging paths, and outdoor spaces, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cons of BGC

High Cost of Living: The upscale nature of BGC comes with a price, making it one of the more expensive areas to live in within Metro Manila.

  1. Traffic Congestion: Despite the well-planned infrastructure, BGC is not immune to the notorious traffic jams that plague Metro Manila, especially during rush hours.
  2. Limited Affordable Housing Options: The real estate market in BGC caters primarily to the upper-middle and upper-class, leaving limited options for those seeking more affordable housing.
  3. Gentrification Concerns: The rapid development of BGC has led to concerns about the displacement of local communities and the erasure of the city’s historical and cultural identity.


Bonifacio Global City undeniably stands out as a premier urban destination, offering a modern and vibrant lifestyle. Its meticulously planned infrastructure, diverse activities, and commitment to culture and recreation make it an attractive place for residents and visitors alike. However, the question of whether BGC is overrated depends on individual perspectives and priorities.

For those seeking a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a focus on luxury, BGC may be a perfect fit. However, concerns about the high cost of living, traffic congestion, and the impact of gentrification raise valid questions about the city’s sustainability and inclusivity. Ultimately, whether BGC is overrated or not depends on one’s expectations, preferences, and willingness to navigate the complexities that come with living in a bustling urban enclave.

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