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Review of Brizamar Beach Resort in Batangas City

Brizamar Beach Resort is a new resort located in Sitio bayanan, Bry. Ilijan, Batangas City. It is located 26 kilometers Southeast of Batangas City proper, and due to a narrow road—the Batangas-Tabangao Road—it takes around 1 hour to drive. 

On March 30, Thursday, a family friend invited my family to spend an overnight there. My two teenage nieces just graduated from senior high school, and my friend’s daughter also graduated from a different school, so we thought having an overnight outing was a good idea. 

Brizamar Beach Resort Swimming Pool
Brizamar Beach Resort Swimming Pool

We were 15, and we booked a single room for ₱12,000/ To be honest, considering the space and room condition, it was quite a bargain. There was no other payment like entrance fees as they were already included with the room.

Brizamar’s policy on overnight books allows you to check in at noon and check out the following day at 10:00 AM. This is a great time frame because the best time to go to the best is early morning and late afternoon. Considering the extreme heat, swimming at sea from late morning to early afternoon is disastrous for your skin.

Tunnel in Brizamar going west
Tunnel in Brizamar going west.

The place is just fantastic. They have a four-layer swimming pool. The 4th one is beside the sea with saltwater, while the other three on top have fresh water. This was the first time I had seen this kind of pool design.

There were many rooms like kubos, which they called “Cabana,” and which had different capacities for different groups of people. They have ample open space beside the sea with concrete benches and tables, so finding a place to hang out is not a problem.

The resort is long, and the water activities are in the western part. There are water slides, banana boat rides, jet skis, and other fun stuff. Of course, you have to pay for these services differently. Oh, I forgot that our payment already includes the swimming pool. 

They have a long grill area where you can barbecue and even cook. If you like a native ambiance, there is a tree house, large Nipa huts, and other open cottages for day visitors. 

Out to the sea, there is a big anchored nipa hut. You just need to swim a few meters to reach the hut. A rope tied to a big rock at the shore serves as an anchor, so if you fear deep, you can hold on to the rope while swimming to the hut.

The nearest convenience store is a few kilometers away, so I suggest you focus your preparation more on food. 

Going to the western side of the resort took a bit of work. You have to cross the 10-meter something underground tunnel, which adds more excitement. 

Overall, Brizamar Resort is a must-visit resort. It was not cheap, but it was not expensive either. We paid ₱800 each a night while enjoying the swimming pool—something that can be difficult to find in other new resorts.

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