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Top 15 Lomi Spots Where You Can Taste the Best Lomi in Lipa City

Nestled in the verdant Batangas province, Lipa City beckons with its rich history, majestic churches, and its undeniable claim to fame: Lomi. This beloved Filipino dish, known for its thick, shrimp-infused broth and thick egg noodles, is a symphony of textures and flavors, perfect for a chilly day or a comforting meal anytime. Lipa City takes Lomi to a whole new level, boasting countless restaurants dedicated to this culinary masterpiece. So, grab a spoon and get ready to embark on a delicious Lomi adventure as we try the best Lomi in Lipa City!

best lomi in lipa
Liam’s Lomi House

1. Liam’s Lomi House

Recenos Compound, Gen. Luna St., Sabang, Lipa City – A two-time Lomi Festival Champion and Legacy Awards honoree, Liam’s Lomi House is a must-try. Their signature Lomi Batangas comes in various sizes with generous toppings like pork, shrimp, and their highly-praised lechon kawali. Open from 6AM to 7:30PM, you can enjoy their steaming bowls for breakfast, lunch, or a hearty dinner. Reach them at 0917 208 9535 or check out their Facebook page [Facebook Liam’s Lomi House].

2. Lomi King

J.P. Laurel Highway, Lipa City.  Known for its award-winning Lomi that has drawn celebrities, Lomi King offers a wide variety of Lomi options. Choose from their classic Lomi Batangas, seafood Lomi, or even a spicy Lomi Binagoongan. They also have other Filipino favorites like Bulalo and Kare-kare. Open from 9 AM to 9 PM, you can contact them at (043) 784 2741.

3. Rose Lomi House

161 Brgy. Sico, Lipa City. This 24/7 haven is perfect for those late-night Lomi cravings. Rose Lomi House serves not only their classic Lomi but also casseroles and their famous sisig. Their cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it a great place to unwind and indulge in a warm, comforting meal.

4. LDC Lomi House

While details like the address are limited online, LDC Lomi House is known for its flavorful Lomi with generous toppings at a pocket-friendly price. This local favorite is definitely worth exploring for a budget-friendly Lomi experience.

5. Benoks Lomi Haus

Similar to LDC Lomi House, information about Benoks Lomi Haus is scarce online. However, local reviews mention their delicious Lomi with a rich and savory broth, making it another hidden gem worth seeking out.

Benoks Lomi Haus
Benoks Lomi Haus

6. LBN Lomi House and Lutong Bahay

Combining Lomi with other Filipino favorites, LBN Lomi House and Lutong Bahay offers a complete dining experience. Enjoy their Lomi alongside classic Filipino dishes like Sinigang and Adobo for a truly satisfying meal.

7. A & B Lomi House Duhatan Lipa

 Another Lipa gem shrouded in a bit of online mystery, A & B Lomi House Duhatan Lipa is known for its delicious Lomi with a distinct twist. Their version offers a unique twist on the classic recipe, making it a great choice for adventurous Lomi enthusiasts.

8. Marjant Lomi Haus

Craving a taste of the sea in your Lomi? Marjant Lomi Haus might be the perfect spot. Specializing in seafood Lomi, they offer a delightful twist on the traditional recipe, packed with fresh seafood and bursting with flavor.

9. Kwatogs Lipa Lomi House Inosluban Branch

This branch of Kwatogs Lipa Lomi House might be a bit off the beaten path, but the journey is surely worth it. Their version of Lomi is known for its rich broth and generous portions, making it a delightful and filling meal.

Best Lomi in Lipa
Kwatogs Lipa Lomi House Inosluban Branch

10. Lipa’s Sizzling Lomi House

Take your Lomi experience up a notch with Lipa’s Sizzling Lomi House. They offer a unique sizzling Lomi, adding a fun and flavorful twist to the classic dish.

11. Centro Lomi House

Located in the heart of Lipa City, Centro Lomi House offers a convenient and delicious Lomi option. Their classic Lomi Batangas is sure to satisfy your cravings with its rich broth and all the traditional toppings.

12. Daling’s Lomi

(0949 400 0436; Lipa, Batangas. This popular eatery boasts a near-perfect Google rating, hinting at their delicious Lomi offerings. While details like the address are unavailable yet, their high rating and positive reviews suggest a must-try experience.

13. Jawo Lomi Houses

Multiple locations – A Lipa staple with multiple branches across the city, Jawo Lomi Houses is a convenient option for your Lomi fix. Their classic Lomi Batangas is known for its consistency and affordability, making it a crowd-pleaser.

14. Mv 24 Lomi House

Another Lipa gem with a limited online presence, Mv 24 Lomi House, is known for its hearty Lomi bowls. Reviews mention generous portions and a satisfyingly savory broth, making it a great choice for those with a big appetite.

Mv 24 Lomi House - best lomi in lipa city
Mv 24 Lomi House

15. Shatras Lomi House

Are they craving a unique Lomi experience? Look no further than Shatras Lomi House. While information about their specific offerings is limited, their name suggests a creative take on the classic dish. Perhaps they offer unique toppings or broth variations? A visit to Shatras Lomi House might unlock a delicious Lomi discovery.

Lipa City’s love affair with Lomi extends far beyond this list. With countless hole-in-the-wall eateries and hidden gems scattered throughout the city, your Lomi adventure can continue well beyond these 15 best lomi in Lipa. Don’t hesitate to explore side streets and local markets – you might stumble upon a new favorite Lomi haven!

The Bottom Line

Lipa City’s dedication to Lomi is a testament to this beloved Filipino dish’s deliciousness and versatility. Whether you crave the classic Lomi Batangas, a seafood-infused variation, or a unique twist on the recipe, Lipa City has a Lomi experience waiting for you. So grab a spoon, embrace the warmth, and embark on a delightful Lomi journey through the streets of Lipa City!

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