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Bacolod Nightlife: Top 15 Nightclubs, KTV Bars, and Disco Pubs in the City of Smiles

Bacolod nightlife pulsates with energy and diversity, offering an array of experiences for nocturnal adventurers. Renowned as the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod comes alive after dark, beckoning locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

From cozy bars serving up local delicacies to lively clubs pulsating with dance beats, there’s something for every reveler. Live music, traditional dance performances, and cultural showcases add a unique flair to Bacolod’s nightlife, providing a glimpse into the city’s rich heritage. Whether you’re seeking a laid-back evening with friends or an electrifying dance floor, Bacolod’s nightlife promises unforgettable experiences and endless smiles under the moonlit sky.

This guide dives into 15 of the hottest nightclubs, pubs, and KTV bars in Bacolod, catering to different vibes and preferences. So, put on your dancing shoes, grab some friends, and prepare to discover the best places to unwind and have fun in Bacolod!

Nightlife in Bacolod: Your Guide to the Top Venues

1. Victor’s PUB (Lacson St.)

Victor’s PUB is a Bacolod institution offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy classic pub fare and a wide selection of drinks, including local and international beers and liquors. It’s a great place to meet locals, catch live music on select nights, or simply unwind after a long day.

Victor's PUB - bacolod nightlife
Victor’s PUB

2. Ice BAR & Restaurant (Lacson St.)

For a chic and modern experience, head to Ice Bar & Restaurant. This sleek bar boasts a stylish ambiance, an extensive cocktail menu, and a delicious selection of international dishes. They also host DJ nights and themed events, making it a popular spot for the young and trendy crowd.

ice BAR & Restsurant
ice BAR & Restaurant

3. Cista 63 (3 Lacson St)

 Cista 63 is more than just a bar – it’s an entertainment hub. This lively venue provides a vibrant atmosphere with live bands playing a mix of genres, from classic rock to OPM (Original Pilipino Music). They also offer karaoke rooms, making it a perfect spot for a fun night out with a group of friends.


4. La Jefa Club (63 Araneta Ave)

Get ready to dance the night away at La Jefa Club. This high-energy nightclub features a spacious dance floor, thumping beats by resident DJs, and a wide range of liquors. With its pulsating energy and stylish crowd, La Jefa Club is a top choice for those seeking a full-on clubbing experience.

La Jefa Club
La Jefa Club

5. Pull Up – Hip Hop and R&B (13th Lacson St)

Calling all hip-hop and R&B fans! Pull Up is the place to be. This dedicated club pumps out all your favorite urban beats, drawing a crowd passionate about these genres. With themed nights and guest DJs, Pull Up offers a dynamic and electrifying atmosphere.

Pull Up - Hip Hop and R&B
Pull Up – Hip Hop and R&B

6. M02 Ice BAR & Restaurant (Lacson St, Mandalagan)

M02 Ice BAR & Restaurant offers a sophisticated yet fun atmosphere. This upscale bar features a wide selection of premium liquors, creative cocktails, and delectable bar bites. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a classy night out with friends, M02 provides a stylish and enjoyable experience.

M02 Ice BAR & Restaurant
M02 Ice BAR & Restaurant

7. Unyot’s Place (Villa Angela, Circumferential Rd, Villamonte)

Unyot’s Place is a hidden gem located along the Circumferential Road. This laid-back bar offers a welcoming atmosphere with a focus on live music. Local bands play a variety of genres, creating a perfect spot for those who enjoy good music in an intimate setting.

Bacolod Nightlife Unyot's Place
Unyot’s Place

8. Little Darlings (Goldenfield West Side)

Little Darlings caters to a more relaxed crowd. This neighborhood bar offers a casual and friendly atmosphere with affordable drinks and pub fare. It’s a good spot to unwind, listen to some tunes, and socialize with locals.

Little Darlings
Little Darlings

9. Cheers, Bacolod! (J. Las Piñas St)

Live up to the name at Cheers, Bacolod! This lively pub offers a wide selection of beers on tap, along with classic cocktails and various bar games. It’s a great place to catch a sports game with friends, enjoy a game of darts, or simply have a casual night out.

Cheers Bacolod
Cheers! Bacolod

10. MO2 – Wave Lounge (MO2 Westown Hotel Bacolod)

Located within the MO2 Westown Hotel, Wave Lounge is a sophisticated rooftop bar offering stunning city views. This elegant venue features a wide selection of cocktails, live acoustic music on select nights, and a chic atmosphere perfect for a romantic evening or a special occasion.

MO2 - Wave Lounge
MO2 – Wave Lounge

11. Sweet Lips Bar and KTV (Goldenfield West Side)

Sweet Lips Bar and KTV is a popular karaoke bar in Bacolod. With private rooms equipped with a massive song selection, it’s a great place to belt out your favorite tunes with friends. They also offer a variety of drinks and snacks to fuel your singing session.

Sweet Lips Bar and KTV
Sweet Lips

12. Lunar: Art, Cafe and Bar (27th Lacson St.)

Lunar offers a unique experience that blends art, cafe culture, and nightlife. This eclectic venue features local artwork displayed on its walls, a cozy cafe serving coffee and light bites during the day, and a bar offering cocktails and drinks in the evening. They often host live music performances and art exhibits, making it a great spot for a creative and artistic night out.

Lunar: Art, Cafe and Bar
Lunar: Art, Cafe and Bar

13. Tipsy Night Vibes (Lacson St.)

As the name suggests, Tipsy Night Vibes is all about having a fun and carefree night. This lively bar offers a vibrant atmosphere with DJs spinning a mix of popular music genres. They also have a wide selection of drinks and bar games, making it a perfect place to let loose and dance the night away with friends.

Tipsy Night Vibes
Tipsy Night Vibes

14. MO2 Restobar (Araneta Ave)

MO2 Restobar is another MO2 group offering a more casual dining and drinking experience. This spacious venue features a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable seating, a diverse Filipino and international dishes menu, and a well-stocked bar. It’s a great option for a night out that combines good food, drinks, and good company.

MO2 Restobar
MO2 Restobar

15. Bacolod Bunny Ranch’z (Goldenfield Complex)

Bacolod Bunny Ranch’z caters to a specific crowd with its lively atmosphere and scantily clad waitresses. This nightclub features loud music, a spacious dance floor, and a wide selection of drinks. It’s a popular spot for bachelor parties or those seeking a more raucous nightlife experience.

Bacolod Bunny Ranch'z
Bacolod Bunny Ranch’z


Bacolod City’s nightlife scene offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a partygoer looking to dance the night away, a casual pub-goer seeking a relaxed atmosphere, or a karaoke enthusiast wanting to belt out your favorite tunes, Bacolod has a bar or nightclub that caters to your preferences. So, put on your dancing shoes, grab some friends, and explore the vibrant nightlife the City of Smiles offers!

This list is just a starting point; many other hidden gems are waiting to be discovered in Bacolod. Do some research, ask for local recommendations, and embrace the energetic and welcoming nightlife scene that Bacolod offers.

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